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Durga Puja Bill Book Rashid design psd 2023

  • Software – Photoshop cc & upper version
  • File Size – 12″ x 6″
  • colour mode – cmyk
  • resolution -300px
  • File Format – psd
  • Bengali font – STM3.5, Avro


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Durga Puja, the grand festival celebrated with immense joy and devotion in India, is a time of exuberance and vibrancy. It is during this auspicious occasion that people come together to worship the goddess Durga and immerse themselves in the festivities. In order to capture the spirit of this festive season, a Durga Puja bill design in PSD format can be created.

The Durga Puja bill design in PSD format would incorporate elements that reflect the essence of the festival. The color palette chosen would consist of vibrant hues such as red, orange, and yellow, symbolizing energy, passion, and happiness. The background of the bill design could showcase a beautiful illustration of Goddess Durga herself, depicting her majestic form with her ten arms and riding a lion.

To further enhance the design, intricate patterns inspired by traditional Indian art forms like Madhubani or Warli could be incorporated, adding a touch of cultural richness. These patterns can adorn the borders of the bill or be used as decorative elements throughout the design.

Additionally, the Durga Puja bill design could feature images or icons representing other significant elements of the festival. For instance, images of idols being worshipped, traditional musical instruments like the dhak (a drum), or the iconic dhunuchi (a clay incense burner) can be included, symbolizing the spirit of devotion and celebration.

The typography used in the bill design should be elegant and readable, with a mix of traditional and contemporary fonts. Important information such as the bill amount, payment details, and the merchant’s logo can be strategically placed to ensure clarity and ease of understanding.

Overall, the Durga Puja bill design in PSD format should encapsulate the festive fervor, cultural heritage, and religious significance of this joyous occasion. It should evoke a sense of excitement and nostalgia, making it a memorable piece of art that reflects the essence of Durga Puja.


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